NO Annual C.O.L.A. Increases for Social Security Recipients Again this year!

It was just announced that the Obama Administration once again will not be giving recipients cost of living increases.

It should be noted that this was started and implemented and upheld annually by the Republican Party, although it is widely thought that the Denmocrats are the givving party, they are not they are in fact the "taking and taxing party".

I for one thnink there should be outrage about this from the Democrats. There are millions of social security recip[ients that subside soley on social security, they have no pensions, or other sources to rely on, as sad as that may be in this country. I suggest you people start screaming about this, write your senators and reps, Literally raise hell about it, this is three years now, since Democrats took power.


I don't know about your worlds, but in mine prescriptions are rising in costs, food is rising in costs, gas, and energy, clothes, all the necessities of life have and are continuing to rise, and we get no cost of liiving increases, should not be.

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