The Constitution starts off with "We the people of the United States" it doesn't say Afghanistan or Iraq. Those countries are not us. They have a different way of doing things and to extend them rights granted to US citizens is an abuse of power. Obama should understand that we grant the government powers by our consent. We did not elect him king. He can not dictate that we give those rights to foreigners because our soldiers are not policemen and they should not be asked to act that way. To force them to wonder if they're violating someone's right puts them at additional risk and equates the Constitution with International Law. We have no tolerance for diminishing that document. The Constitution limits what the Federal Government can do. It's unfortunate that our duty towards the government is spelled out in the Declaration of Independence, but as the government seeks more and greater hinderance of personal liberties and seeks to grab more and more power, that duty gets clearer every day.

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