Tired of getting those Democrat/Republican surveys? The party sending it makes you think you are soooo important by printing on the envelope "Confidential". They make you feel so special - they are actually seeking YOUR opinion on what needs to be done during this ailing economy. They value your input in regards to what is most important to you.

So you spend time, real quality, thought provoking time in carefully answering the questions put to you. After working through the survey you arrive to the point where you turn it over to continue on....ONLY TO BE HIT WITH THE DONATION REQUIRED TO MAKE YOUR RESPONSES COUNT! Oh, and if you don't want to participate then send the survey BACK with a contribution of $11 to help cover the cost of redistributing your survey.

"Rattle With Us" would like to send every Michigan candidate, survey responses from our own selected list of questions. "They" act like they want to know what we think, so let's make it easy for these politicians to know what issues are of concern to us. We also want them to understand we are not interested in voting in a party - but a man or woman that best represents our values, standards and concerns.

We need your input - we need your questions. What issues do you want 2010 candidate to know matter to you?

The survey will be made up of 20 - 25 questions selected from those sent in. The survey will then be printed up and posted on all three of our sites for you to complete. Once the submitted responses have been tallied, we will send the results to our 2010 candidates.

Of course we will tell candidates they can make monetary contributions to "Rattle With Us" if they desire to help a true grassroot operation.

Below is a couple sample questions:

A. If you could cast a vote for president at this point in time, who would best represent your values and desired direction for this country?

1. John McCain

2. Ron Paul

3. Sarah Palin

4. Evan Bayh

5. Hillary Clinton

6. Other___________________________________

B. Number in order the issues that are most important to you as a voter (1 being the most important) -

__National Security

__Fighting tax increases

__Stopping passage of amnesty for illegal immigrants

__Healthcare reform

__Job creation

Please submit your questions via our email, our yahoo group or this site. We will be accepting submitted questions till October 30th.

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Comment by Sharon Lollio on October 17, 2009 at 10:36am
Thanks. I think this will send a message to our politicians that we are seriously looking at their platform and gearing up for the elections next year. I've sent every survey back and written on it that my money is going to the Tea Party movement. And that if they really cared about my concerns they would not be charging me for my responses.
Comment by Joanne on October 16, 2009 at 10:57pm
excellent idea Sharon - I like it - very much
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