Time for Definition

In the months leading up to the 2010 mid terms it was OK, in fact desirable, for the Tea Party to appear as an unorganized, grass roots cause du jour. My experience is that the individual Tea Party groups are not only well organized but dedicated to the cause of limited, constitutional government. The elections are over; Tea Party groups had a phenomenal impact on elections all over America at every level of government.

Now is the time. The various Tea Party organizations must work together to define the Tea Party movement or have it defined by those who would like to see its impact marginalized. It is advisable to maintain the unwritten strategy of identifying and backing good, conservative candidates regardless of the opinions of the established political machine. It is far wiser to influence current party politics than to attempt a third party work around.

It is my view that the Tea Party needs a short and to the point platform to focus the 2012 election season activities and to clarify our positions for elected officials in the two tears leading up to the election. A five to ten plank platform defining the policy position of the Tea Party as a whole is needed. As citizens we are told we don’t understand the working of government, programs cannot be cut or departments eliminated. Here’s what I do know; our elected representative have had the “compassion” to develop endless social programs and regulations aimed at “helping” constituents. What they lack is the courage to fund these compassionate programs leaving our grandchildren trillions in debt. No more. We must demand direct, positive steps to reduce the size, scope, and cost of government and get to work on paying our debts.

Hopefully we at Rattle With US can take a leading role in developing the Tea Party Platform. I offer a kick off list with some planks I think are important:

· Initiate immediate across the board federal spending cuts to 2007 levels

· Restrict the Federal Government to its constitutional responsibilities

o Eliminate the Education Department

o Eliminate the Energy Department

o Eliminate the EPA

o Eliminate…

· Secure our national boarders and enforce immigration laws

· Re-define and adhere to the Commerce Clause

· Reform and simplify the US tax code

These may not make the top ten but are a start. What is your position? What are your planks?

John McGowan

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