Yes, we have a #FreePress, but they use that #Freedom so IRRESPONSIBLY! #NYC #Helicopter "Hard-Landing" today latest example - they must get more responsible in their Coverage/Reporting!

Rather FRUSTRATED at some in the #eneMEDIA still dealing in #HYPERBOLE regarding the #Chopper in #NYC #HARDLANDING! It did NOT Crash into a #NY skyscraper. It diverted, due to Mechanical issue, to this/closest available LANDING LOCATION where it Landed HARD and a Fuel Leak then caught Fire, but it is a bit #hyperbolic to call it a #CRASHLANDING!!! Only person on-board, #Pilot,Died - #RIP he may have potentially SAVED COUNTLESS LIVES diverting and Landing when if the ISSUE got worse he could have actually crashed into a Building or onto (or then then fall down onto) crowded #NYStreets! After 9/11, the #NEWS #MEDIA has to be MORE RESPONSIBLE in their Coverage/Reporting!!!

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