This administration is nothing more than a cooridanated group of liars stuck together to try and destroy this great country. This administration has no Domestic Policy, no Foreign Policy, cannot make a decision of any kind let alone a learned one, maybe if this moron had a teleprompter he might be able to decide something anyway. He has appointed MAO TSE Tung belief advocates at every important turn within the cabinet and ooutside of it. He wishes to convict the CIA members that kept this country safe for the last 9 years. He lets our soldiers die on the Afghan battlefiled because this fool if afraid of deciding on more troops or not. He is Gutless, Certianly un-educated, and operates just like the Gangland athmosphere he respresented in Chicago, and the Daily Machine. These bumbs have to thrown out of office by the hundreds across the county starting in 2010, every Democrat that holds office has to be thrown out completely, and made to get a real job, That should be a task since thier man has created Zero Jobs in 10 months, what does this clown do each day besides campaign? I'll tell you, Nothing, Zilch, Nada, Zero, thats what. Tell your fiends to throw out Democrats (emphasis on the last four letters) RATS in the next election cycle.

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