Obama is still touting green jobs as the answer for the economic recovery of our nation. Green jobs may be part of the future of economic growth but it will do nothing for the people of today. People that are losing their homes, that can’t find work and have to move in with relatives, what are they supposed to do?

Many have lost their retirement funds because of the “expert tutelage” of Franklin Raines of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fame according to Barney Frank. Mr. Raines took $90 million in bonuses over 6 years while he was cooking the books at Freddie and Fannie. Mr. Frank is directly responsible for the collapse of the banking industry. He is the chairman of the Democratic House Financial Services Committee whose job it is to over-see our investments to protect the American taxpayer.

We need a common sense approach to the economic problem, one that has been successful in the past on numerous occasions. If we cut the tax rate, businesses will have more money in which to invest in their business and hire new employees. This in turn leads to people spending that money and thus stimulating the economy. Not only do they spend money but they will pay income taxes which will increase revenues to state and federal governments -– not quite rocket science is it, so why won’t Democrats cut taxes?

Jennifer Granholm’s administration has done all that it could to ensure that Michigan’s businesses leave the state. Michigan businesses have 4 different taxes strapped to their backs at just the state level. If you kept getting your milk money stolen by 4 different bullies on your way to school every day, you’d find another path to school and that is exactly what the businesses did, they split and took our jobs with them.

On the list of the best states to do business in, Michigan ranks 49th out of the 50 states.

The Fair Tax Plan offers hope if it can get passed but it requires an amendment to the Constitution. The plan includes eliminating the IRS, makes it impossible for politicians to raise taxes without the voters consent (popular vote) and eliminates multiple taxes on goods and services.

We need some new people at both the state and federal level that believe in this country, the Constitution and that support the people, not special interests.

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Comment by patriotm1 on February 7, 2010 at 5:54am
There is a glaring need for a "talent farm system" that brings individuals with decent decision making skill sets into public office. Municipal, school district, county, state, national levels are chocked full of those that don't appear to really understand the issues let alone try to solve them.

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