Obama trying to buy off middle class, while discriminating against fellow citizens.

Obama's latest deceitful tyranny to buy off the middle class
with token tax relief, is no more than a pseudo attempt,
which is nothing more than another tactic to get people to
think he's trying to help, when he's already been sticking it
to ALL of us, and is planning to do even more theft of OUR

Obama / Dems are and will continue to target the higher
earners, part of which are also at the higher end of the
middle class, he supposedly is trying to help.

The Obama / Dem assault on the higher earners also includes
those business people and businesses which supply all of us
middle class people, with products and services. If these
business people and businesses have more of their money
stolen by Obama / Dems, they can only stay in business by
raising prices, which the middle class will have to pay, and
that nullifys any supposed help from Obama.

Also, the government selectively taxing a certain segment
of our fellow citizens, IS Discrimination, and should be
contested as a violation of Civil Rights.

If "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." are basic
rights, as this ws included as a prominent feature in our
Founding Documents by our Founding Fathers, then should
the Liberty and Freedom of pursuing happiness, by being a
higher earner, be infringed on or punished by the

Is there no Equal Protection for Higher Earners from
discrimination as there should be for lesser earners?

Is the discrimination ok just because it is perpetrated by the

On the one hand, the likes of the Obamas / Dems / Socialists
of the world, claim the Lesser Earners somehow have a
"right" to be on par with higher earners. But, in our USA,
We The People, ALL have the Right to our OWN lives and
MONEY, especially if we are NOT infringing anyone else's

Saying one group has a "right" to more money, while
discriminating against and penalizing another group, is
NOT in the spirit or words of the Constitution, NOR
was meant or intended to be by our Founding Fathers.

Where is the ACLU? Oh yeah, they're Dem / Socialist too.

There needs to be a class action suit brought against the
Oh yeah, the courts are mostly Dem / Socialist too.

Now what?

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