One man’s perspective on why Rick Snyder is the man for the job of Michigan Governor.

I was disappointed only briefly when Mike Bouchard did not win the Republican nomination for Governor. I then got busy and found that we have an excellent candidate in Rick Snyder. Below is a list of the positives I see in having Rick as our next Governor:

1. Rick is a man of accomplishment (not just talk about what he can do).

2. Rick is not a politician (the worse kind of individual to elect to office).

3. Rick sticks to facts with a minimal amount of arguing (debating).

4. Rick doesn’t mind spending some of his own money but graciously and humbly asks for contributions from the voting public.

5. Rick has a real clear vision as to what is needed in Michigan and recognizes that bringing jobs to Michigan will help to clear up many of the smaller problems like crime, and poor educational quality.

6. Rick recognizes that Michigan has potential when given discerning leadership.

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