Our BIG Combined Tea Party Event on July 24th!

Hey Rattlers,

We need some ideas for a catchy and creative name for this event.

As you know (or should know) we have created an Alliance with other Tea Parties across this state. You can check the site out by going to our rattlewithus.com site and the Alliance is listed on the right side of our page as a link.

Anyway, the groups want to get a name for this event ASAP so we can begin publicizing it. Some ideas from the Kalamazoo group have been Politicians vrs. the Patriots, Shoot Out in Charlotte (yep, I'm not kidding), Tea Party Fair (and Balanced) Fun Day...well you get the idea.

Thought it would be kind fun to see if you all would like to throw in some suggestions. You are all obviously very smart and intelligent folks since you've joined a Tea Party, so show us what you got!

In the meantime get to talking this event up - it's going to be a blast.

Oh yeah, any car buffs out there? Any classic car owners? Rattle With Us has agreed to take on the car show part of this event.

It would be great to have any folks interested in promoting this venture pipe in so we can get some committees going.

Rattle With Us is nothing without active members like you - and we are blessed with some of the best.

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Comment by Sharon Lollio on May 27, 2010 at 3:04pm
Thanks for the response Jan - I will add this to the list.

Just got another one turned in - the Give Me Liber-tea Fair.
Comment by Jan in Westland on May 27, 2010 at 8:11am
How about "Michigan Tea Party Alliance" for the name of the event.
Using a byline of "working together for Michigan and our Nation."

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