"Rattle With Us" Tea Party Endorses Patrick Colbeck for State Senate, 7th District.

Since coming together, we have encouraged you to become engaged in the political process as much as possible. We have held Precinct Delegate training. Many of you attended and will actually be on the ballot this year. That is truly appreciated.

Every person in the group has, and will continue, to put forth as much time, effort, and money as they can. We know that and we appreciate that as well. Those that can't run as Delegates may pass out literature. Those that can't pass out literature may post campaign signs in their yards. Some will contribute money. For some, voting is as involved as they will ever become.

When one of our own takes it to the next level, we feel compelled to support them. Running for office is the ultimate level of commitment. It encompasses all of the things our group has asked of you: time, effort and money. It takes a special person to even attempt to run for office. That special person is Patrick Colbeck. He was with us from the very beginning. We know and understand what Patrick believes in. We share his values and his vision. Patrick shares our DNA.

When Rattle With Us began, we incorporated with the intention of supporting candidates that we approved. Since, on paper, Republican principles align 100% with his principles, Patrick is running on the GOP ticket to ensure that the principles of limited government, lower taxes and fiscal
are adhered to. The organizers of Rattle With Us ask you to support Patrick in his efforts to represent us in the Michigan Senate. Our venom will be our vote in November. But until then, Patrick needs all the help he can get. Whether your involvement is donating money, walking the streets distributing fliers or talking to your friends, thank you for helping one our members represent us.
Please let him know how you can help via the Volunteers link on his campaign site.

If we don’t support Patrick, who will? When Patrick wins, we all win.

Patrick’s platform consists of the following planks.

  • Become #1 Job Growth State in Nation
  • Implement Effective Healthcare Solutions
  • Cut Spending and Lower Taxes
  • Promote Educational Excellence
  • Respect Our Constitution
  • Adopt Real Transparency
  • Promote Honesty and Integrity
More information can be found on Patrick’s site: www.FixingMichigan.com.

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