At our monthly meeting last night, Sharon announced that Patrick Colbeck will be taking the oath of office at our meeting in January. This is a big deal on a number of levels.

Patrick announced that he was running for the Michigan Senate seat at one of the Rattle With Us rallies. A great number of people worked long hours at many levels to help him get elected. It has come full circle. Soon, he will be taking the oath of office before his supporters and friends.

The icing on this delectable cake is that Justice Young of the Michigan Supreme Court will administer the oath of office. Again, many members of our group were in Justice Young's commercials, put out yard signs and helped in other ways to get him re-elected.

As the year winds down, we can all look back with pride on what we have accomplished. I am proud of Patrick, proud of Justice Young and most of all, proud to be a part of the group that helped make all this happen. Thank you for for your support, your participation and your patriotism.

I look forward to the next year and beyond.

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