Pelosi's trick to pass their bill - article by Patients first

Dear Supporter,

Washington’s age-old tradition of saying one thing and doing another is in high season right now. As President Obama calls for a bipartisan summit on health care, he’s insisting that the starting point for that summit be the same proposals the American people have rejected time and time again.

Yesterday it was revealed by Pelosi’s health care adviser that they have developed a procedural “trick” to enact their government-run health care package. The “trick” would require the House to pass the Senate’s bill and rely on the Senate to pass requested changes to the bill through a rarely-used parliamentary maneuver known as reconciliation. This would not only circumvent the normal rules of the Senate but, most importantly, would enact into law exactly what the American public has stated it doesn’t want – government-run health care!

Call Congress today to make sure this “trick” doesn’t happen. They need to hear from you today to let them know we are still paying attention. While Congressional offices are closed for the snowstorm they will get your voicemail when they return.

The American people have spoken up against a government takeover of health care every chance they’ve had – most notably, polls, elections and townhalls. While this has significantly slowed government takeover plans, it hasn’t permanently stopped them. The President clearly thinks he’s smarter than the people who elected him saying, “All I can do is just to keep on making the argument about what’s right for the country and assume that over time people…are going to gravitate toward the truth.”

This is not representative democracy. This is arrogant Washington telling you what to think. If you disagree, well you must be misinformed, according to Barack Obama.

Call Congress today and tell them it’s time to start over. We need health care reform that lowers cost, maintains the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship and prevents the government from controlling what health care insurance you can buy.

We must remain vigilant in the face of this audacious push for government-run health care!

Patients First Team

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Patients First is a project of Americans for Prosperity, focused on real health care reform that will lead to more choices for patients and affordable health care options for all. Patients First is not affiliated in any way with Patient First Neighborhood Medical Centers.

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