Petitions for the "Michigan Citizens for Healthcare Freedom" drive

Hello "Rattlers,"

We have secured a number of petitions for the Michigan Healthcare Freedom campaign. The goal is to gather 380,000 to 500,000 signatures to get this "citizen opt out option" placed on the November ballot for a vote.

These signatures need to be gathered by July 5th.

If you feel the door to door method calling you, please let us know and we will get the petitions to you via our next meeting (4/12) or a meet up place somewhere.

As of this posting there is no County Coordinator for our area (or any area near us) so if you take petitions you will have to mail them back to the address listed at the bottom.

To view a short training video, read the actual petition wording and/or for more information about this campaign, please go to

While Rattle With Us thinks this is a worthy endeavor, we are choosing not to be listed as a Coalition Member.

We will be placing these petitions out at the April 15th event and at our monthly meetings for people to sign.

Our main focus remains on how to influence the upcoming elections. There are many good candidates looking (or will be looking) for help making phone calls, lit drops, yard sign placements, parade marchers, financial donations, etc....

And please consider running for precinct delegate if you have not done so already. You can find information about what this position entails on our website.

Thanks for all you are doing. It's been quite a journey and this trip is far from over. But can't think of anyone I'd rather travel it with than you guys.

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