Pin The Donkey Tail On The Elephant- The Sequester

Continuing his campaign to lay blame for every economic woe on the Republican Party, the President's press conference on Friday was a stunning piece of partisan theater. The same President who doubled our nation's debt in his first term, is now blaming Republicans for the impact of the sequester that will take effect at midnight. After eighteen months of inaction since a bipartisan committee, appointed by his administration, designed these automatic cuts; to hear the President take no responsibility is laughable. Only a master politician could pull this sort of absurdity over on the American people. This President is a master politician.

The President is making his case that this 85 billion dollar sequester will be so harmful to middle class Americans, and yet the 122 billion that he is taking from all Americans in payroll and Obamacare tax increases is no big deal. Translation: Tax increases are good, spending cuts are bad. Taking money from the pay checks of every American is fine, but taking money from the government is not.lo This falls right in line with liberal economic philosophy, so why not embrace it, Mr. President? Instead, once every few months we hear the President promise to make meaningful spending a few months.

 It should be clear to most Americans, after two debt ceiling debates, continuing resolutions, 1400 days without a budget, an election, the fiscal cliff, and now the sequester; that neither the President, or his party, have any real plan to deal with Washington's spending problem. The ugly truth is that even after all of this fear mongering and political drama, we are no closer to putting a leash on our out of control debt.

If the President thinks this sequester is scary, than he should be shaking in his boots at the thought of trillion dollar annual deficits. Cutting 85 billion is barely a trimming, and this ugly political fight is over less than 10 percent of the problem. The fiercely partisan battle raging in Congress is being fought in the margins, while the most problematic, and systemic drivers of our debt will remain unaddressed. The Democrat talking points have been calling for tax hikes and dramatic defense cuts for years. The only alternative is entitlement reform, which few Democrats will even talk about, let alone actually propose. We shouldn't be surprised at what we're seeing. It is interesting, however, to watch the President travel around the country, claiming to champion defense contractors in danger of layoffs.

After all the political gamesmanship, the President's strategy becomes clear. During the fiscal cliff fiasco, the Democrats won a tax hike on all Americans in the midst of a bad economy. Now with the sequester, we get a slashed defense budget in the midst of global unrest. If the President can pin blame for the sequester on Republicans, he will then lay blame for any future economic downturns on the sequester. He will make the case that a bad economy is due to 85.3 billion in spending cuts, and not on his 149.7 billion in tax increases. That's why the President said this on Friday:

------"So every time that we get a piece of economic news over the next month, next two months, next six months, as long as the sequester’s in place, we’ll know that that economic news could have been better if Congress had not failed to act."------

Translation: Tax hikes, defense cuts, Republican scapegoats.....Mission accomplished.

The truth of our situation isn't really that complicated, you don't need to be a brilliant political strategist to understand what's happening. We have a spending problem in America, and it's catching up to us fast. Prices are soaring for groceries and gas while taxes are being raised. The economy struggles while job growth remains anemic. Our military dwindles while radical Islam spreads like wildfire through the Middle East, Africa, and Indonesia. Our government grows huge, with an economy too sluggish to keep up.

Now that we've doubled down on our debt, and with federal spending projected to reach 6 trillion annually by 2023; perhaps it's time for Americans to look around and ask, "Have we gotten our money's worth"? We have been fed a lie; that it was possible to tax, borrow, and spend our way to economic growth and prosperity. History exposes this lie; but we keep down the path that has Europe languishing with 13 percent unemployment, a stagnant economy, and a debt crisis of their own. We bounce our way from crisis to crisis, always pointing fingers, but never actually dealing with the problem.
Maybe more Americans are wondering if their money is better off in their own pockets.

The President ended by reiterating his commitment to roads and bridges, pre-k, gay marriage, immigration reform, and gun control legislation. Translation: The President will continue to push the liberal agenda in it's entirety, an agenda that doesn't include passing budgets, or dealing effectively with our exploding debt. The President's agenda does include, as priority number one, destroying the Republican Party. One reporter asked if President Obama could lock Republicans in a room until they agreed to cooperate. Amidst a round of laughter, He explained that he was not a dictator, as though the White House Press Corps needed to be reminded.

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Comment by ed cassi on March 4, 2013 at 12:44am

over the past four years mr obama has put his energy into those projects that are changing our way of life.  it is my uneducated opinion that he is out to destroy what so many of us have fought for.  at one time in the not so far past, we were respected by friend and foe alike  our friends knew if in peril the US had their back,unlike what happened at bengahzi, no one had the backs of the american that lost their lives  certainly not mr obama or his cohorts. he wants us to be puppets that are mindless and react to the wishes of the man pulling the strings.  i could write a litany of the ways this charelton has bent and distorted the truth but i'm sure you know what they are.  in short mr obama cares nothing about the economy, the middle class, and especially the poor.  he wants to destroy the republican party, the wealthy and religion, especially the Catholic Church.  so much for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,

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