Plea for Patriots to attend the 912DC March

I received this email and wanted to share it with everyone who might still be interested in going to Washington or attending a Tea Party Express event here in Michigan.

A message to all members of Tea Party of West Michigan

Please pass this message along. We need everyone's help to make this important event happen. We need to send a message not only to our representatives but to our nation.


Here it is blunt - If we don't show up at the DC Rally March on September 12 in gigantic numbers to stand up for constitutional government restoration and republic principles, we may never get another chance. It's that serious.......

Patriots living on the west coast are under considerable sacrifice to make the rally, but thousands are doing it. On the other hand, patriots in States (VA,NC,TN,KY,OH,WV,PA,NJ,DE,NJ,NY) can make the rally/march as a "day trip", a long one but a "day trip". It is critical that patriots from these nearby States show up in large numbers...get your neighbors, car pool, van pool...canvass the neighborhood...again it's that critical.

We have over 26 million veterans in America who understand sacrifice as many have shed blood for freedom and liberty...why in hell can't we get a million veterans to DC because the threat to liberty has again raised it's ugly head? Let's hit the DC Mall Vets....

Will someone please get the word out to Rolling Thunder...America desperately needs their help.....we need the roar of a few thousand hogs.

TEA PARTY EXPRESS will leave California on 28 Aug to arrive in DC on Sept 12th. Here is the URL that identifies the route and scheduled stops. Please sacrifice if necessary to attend and support if the route comes close to your location.

Visit Tea Party of West Michigan at:

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