Please attend the Freedom to Preach Rally Saturday at 7 PM

Please attend The Freedom to Preach Rally Saturday at 7 PM to 9:30 PM at Calvary Christian Academy, 1007 Ecorse Road, Ypsi, MI 48198. Dennis Moore and the Willow Run Tea Party Caucus are hosting this event. Admission is free but donations are welcome. Speakers will include Dick Thompson from the Thomas Moore Law Center, Pastor Levon Yuille who hosts “Joshua’s Trail” on WAAM Radio, and Gary Glenn from the American Family Association.

This rally is being held in response to the Matthew Shephard Hate Crimes Law that was passed in October, 2009. Through this bill, pastors fear that they might be targeted if they preach against homosexuality. The Thomas Moore Law Center is concerned about violations of our constitution and about an infringement of our freedom of speech and religion and they are suing the federal government consequently. I think their concerns are well-founded and that our freedom of speech is hanging in the balance.

Wherever hate crime laws have been passed, hate speech laws followed. How is hate speech defined? It is any speech that could provoke hate or condemnation against any race, sex, sexual preference, religion, etc. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if what is said is true. It doesn’t matter if any group is worthy of censure. If the speech could provoke a negative reaction against a preferred group, then it is a crime and is cause for penalties, fines, loss of privileges and/or employment, exile, or imprisonment depending on the country.

Hate speech laws and policies are alive and well around the world with the exception of the USA. In Canada, Mark Steyn and his magazine publisher were tried for Muslim hate speech crimes and, even though the facts were not disputed, they were trying him because they didn’t like his “tone.” In England, Gert Wilders was barred admittance for fear that his presence would inflame Muslims. More recently, the US radio talk show host Michael Savage has been banned from England for hate speech. In France, Brigitte Bardot has been fined many times for berating Muslims. In Australia, a pastor has been sent to prison for criticizing Islam.

But, the freedom to speak out against Islamic jihadists or for pastors to oppose homosexuality would be only two of many rights we would lose if hate speech laws were enacted. If you oppose illegal immigration, you could find yourself arrested for hate speech against Hispanics. If you rebuke gay protestors for invading churches or destroying crosses, you would risk having to defend yourself in court against the charge of hate speech against homosexuals. If you contend that rap music is violent, misogynistic, or profane, you would find yourself an outlaw for promoting hatred against African Americans. Any opinion that you air that could be construed as negative towards any favored group could put you in jeopardy of government retribution. Under such circumstances, who would dare to object to the bad behavior of others? How could the misdeeds of groups be brought to light? Who would be brave enough to risk prison to censure misconduct?

Please lend your support to this event and cause. I look forward to seeing you there.



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