James Keena has been the keynote speaker at many of the Rattle With Us events. He has worked hard and diligently on a tool that we can use in our fight against the liberal mindset. Jim has never asked for a speaking fee and we would like to do something to say "Thank you" for all he has done to help the conservative movement.

Although Jim Keena’s Book, We’ve Been Had, has received critical acclaim locally, it would help greatly if a popular national radio show would promote it. To that end, we would appreciate it if you would consider contacting the Glenn Beck Show.

For those that have read it, please contact the show with your comments. For those that haven’t, mention that Trevor Loudon wrote the forward and ask for Glenn’s opinion. Beck thinks highly of Louden’s work.

Beck can be contacted by any one (or all) of the following ways:




There are many in America that are still not aware of the information in this book. Your efforts to get the world out will be greatly appreciated.

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