Please order Congressman McCotter's publication!

Hi All,

Just in case you haven't gone over to the "Forum" section of the site, I am sending this request to you via the blog post.

There has been quite a bit of talk these past few weeks regarding the rise of a "Third Party". Much has been printed and reported on the power of the Tea Party movement.

I am very proud of what the grassroot movements across our country are doing and what we have set our sights on - the 2010 elections and getting the "right" men and women voted into office.

But I'm not ready to dismiss the Republican party quite yet. I believe the party can be restored to what it once used to represent. It is going to take some hard work and some determination, but I feel there are many of us out there that are up to the task.

I am very concerned that with times being so crucial and the lack of it just as (in regards to really making a third party viable at this point), that a move like this could split our vote and we all know what THAT MEANS.

I am urging you to please request a copy of Congressman McCotter's booklet entitled: We the People: Wide Awake For Our Newest Birth of Freedom.

It's a good read with some interesting history, values and principles penned by McCotter. I agree with about 98% of it - you will have to find the 2% yourself (smile).

Not all Republicans are in agreement with the "Big Tent" direction McCain and Steele seem to be pushing for. I believe McCotter is taking the first step in taking a stand for conservatism and bringing the party back to what it once represented.

I believe we should at least give him the opportunity to get his message out and massive requests for his publication will help.

I also encourage you to respond back to him your comments and thoughts about what he has written. Our elected representatives need to hear from us - we have been quiet too long.

The only way to get a copy of "We the People" is to request one to be mailed to your home. I've provided the link but if you go to the forum section, Tom's is hot. Someone needs to show me how to do that!

It's a simple request, it's free and it's worth the read - what are you waiting for?

Hope to see you all on January 11th at our monthly meeting.


Here is the link to order your copy(ies).

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Comment by Julie Slauterbeck on December 29, 2009 at 12:53pm
The Article 8, 10th Ammendment group has a really good video regarding 3rd party considerations, worth watching at
Comment by Julie Slauterbeck on December 29, 2009 at 12:49pm
Thanks Sharon. I'm with you. A third party does not seem the smart way to go. Independence Caucus (I Caucus) posted a good case for vetting and supporting those with good Constitutional support who are honest, ethical and of strong will in either party. Julie
Comment by Tom on December 28, 2009 at 10:33pm
On the last page of the pamphlet, it gives the GOP policy web site and phone #. Your feedback is critical in establishing the direction the GOP will take. If you like what you see, tell them, if you don't, tell them that too. The GOP needs to hear our voices.

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