Plymouth Township Precinct Consolidation Notice

For our members in Plymouth Township:



Clerk Joe Bridgman

Charter Township of Plymouth

(734) 354-3228 ph

(734) 454-1643 fax

"Township reduces voting precincts to save taxpayers money"

Plymouth Township, Michigan - Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Plymouth Township Election Commission has approved a plan developed by the Plymouth Township Clerk’s Office to consolidate the Township’s voting precincts and subsequently save Township taxpayers thousands of dollars per election.

"During these tough financial times, reducing the burden on taxpayers is crucial," said Township Clerk Joe Bridgman, "In addition to saving money through precinct consolidation, cost savings will be realized in the reduced need for voter machine programming and testing services. Past experience leads us to believe this decision will not adversely affect the voter experience."

Residents affected by this plan will be notified via postal mail within the next six weeks. Notifications will include new voter I.D. cards for registered voters with information on polling location and precinct changes.

Changes stemming will be effective in the upcoming August 3rd, 2010 State Primary and November 2nd, 2010 State General elections.

For additional details, visit, or call Clerk Joe Bridgman at (734) 354-3228.

Media Contact: Clerk Joe Bridgman – (734) 354-3228.

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