"Politically Correct" According to Who?

Just who are the “Political Correct” Police? How did they get that job and what are their qualifications? I want to know, who I have to look out for when I give an opinion.

I want to know just when do the words “Politically Correct” apply to how Americans feel about a subject? I made a comment on a friends blog a few days ago, and decided to run the post on my blog. I feel that strongly about the subject, so here it is.

I’m so tired of the words “Politically Correct” that I actually wonder what moron first came up with this phrase.

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Comment by CJ Schuman on July 25, 2010 at 10:00am
Is it possible that this is the "blowback" for the US construction of the largest embassy in the world in a Muslim country (Iraq)? Remember, US embassies built in foreign countries are deemed "American Territories". If you consider this situation honestly, you can figure out why this issue is being burried under layers of "freedom of religion" and "politically correct"arguments. Americans are going to have to accept that there are consequences for our interventionist foreign policy, and act accordingly.

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