Preaching to the choir is term I've I hear every now and then and I'm sure you all know what it means.  I have just recently become a member of the Tea Party on this site and another one.  And I have to say that I'm surprised at the amount of time dedicated to all of the negatives of Mr Obama.  And as strange as it may sound I believe  he looks forward to all the preachers on our side of the spectrum analyizing his words and actions.  I've been guilty of it just like the political pundits and in forums such as The Tea Party.  Mr. Obama's perceived failures have created talking points that overshadow our most imporant conversations.  We need those who will be responsible for getting our message out to begin now to develope innovative ways to do it.  I would like to see some ads that target those voters that have been characterized as unreachable.  Not using fancy statements and words that many of them don't understand.  Using simple analogies is easier than using theories ,statistics and the such.  I would like to see ads that attack the democratic party as a whole before even having candidates.  There are many ways to turn the heads of voters.  We need to start now..    . 

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Comment by Austin J Mulka on April 1, 2013 at 6:08pm

Attacking another party is never the answer. They will just attack you back... trust me democrats have plenty to attack republicans as well as republicans to attack democrats. You can attack democrats for socialism, obamacare etc. But then the Democrats will just attack republicans for the patriot  act, lazzie-fairree free markets, etc.  I could name a million. The key is compromise. If you look at the works of the founding fathers, you will find how much they had huge arguments. But, unlike today, they comprised the issues. Pointing fingers, and attacking others will get you no where. Reps and Dems stand on top of their high hills shouting negatives about one another, when they both have issues and the auguring gets us no where. 

Comment by Tony Lollio on March 11, 2013 at 11:04am
We often rant with our conservative friends about the ills of society, but we cannot grow our movement without engaging those who may disagree with us. That means intelligent dialogue that rises above the name calling and mudslinging we see in Washington and the media. Our message can resonate with all Americans.

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