Precinct delegates - last chance to take the plunge and Salem Township residents we are short 7 delegates!

Hey Rattlers,

Just wanted to let you know at our meeting on Monday the 10th, we will be providing precinct delegate forms and have a very short Q & A time at the end of our meeting.

The deadline for turning your paperwork in to your township/city is May 11th.

If you have not had time to check out what a precinct delegate is, what the position entails/allows, and how to run - go to the precinct delegate tab at our website. The info is there.

No time for a training as we will be hosting gubernatorial candidate Mike Bouchard and want to allow him plenty of time to present his reasons why he is the man for the job and also allow you to ask him some questions.

We must put conservatives into office this November folks. Again, it's going to take more than just waiting to vote in the fall.

The time to be involved is now and there are plenty of things to be doing until then.

See you all on Monday -bring your friends and family - show them what a Tea Party is really all about.

P.S. Salem Township members we need you. Precinct 2 is short four, and Precinct 3 is short three candidates for these positions.

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