Taking a que from our November meeting I sent this email out yesterday and was asked to post it on our ning site.

If you aren't familiar with ACORN please go to Jim's chapter on Acorn in his book We've Been Had. Jim Keena was the speaker at our monthly Rattle With Us (RWU) group last week.
From this informative link on ACORN you can then get to his homepage with a lot more information. Keep an eye out for his book We've Been Had, it is sure to be a great reference!


As many of you know I have become highly involved with the growing patriot movement across our country. Many are starting to refer to it as the second revolution. You may even have seen the flag for it with the stripes and then the roman numerals II in the star area. A year ago I would have said that is nuts. A year ago I didn't know what I know today. While it is important for us to stay informed and involved it can be overwhelming. There are many organizations and groups with similar conservative values and interests and so many are worth their weight in gold. I have passed on the names and websites of various groups over the past months. Recently or I should say daily now, people come up to me and whisper "Please let me know when the next rally is, I want to go. I am so scared of what is happening to our country".

So for those of you in southeast Michigan , Rattle With Us is a great conservative group to connect with. R's, D's & I's are not taken into account. Rattle With Us started back on April 15th in Plymouth, MI, with it's first Tea Party although the organizers had no idea where it would lead but thankfully they stepped up and took the lead. I remember listening to one of the organizers say that day to those of us who went, "last night I turned to my husband and said I hope people show up. Even just 10 would be nice". There were 1500 of us and many more horns going as drivers passed by but you never saw that in the papers or the rest of the tea parties around the state that day, including the one in Lansing with over 5000 attendees.

Rwu has monthly meetings with speakers & presentations on topics such as; MI Fair Tax, Precinct Delegates, The Constitution, ACORN, Judicial Activism. Future topics to be determined based on the interest of it's members.

RWU organizes and promotes rallys (general tea party rallys, healthcare, cap & trade, even death of freedom funeral processions,), meetings (rwu as well as other local groups), protests (outside local biased media outlets, at the offices of local legislatures who ignore the citizens such as Stabenow, Levin, Peter's & others), and other events (4th of july/veterans celebrations) to help spread the word and get more like minded individuals connected & involved.

Even if you don't have time to attend rally's or meetings, consider joining the group online. There are two webpages.
One is more like a blog/discussion group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rattlewithus/
The other is the webpage http://rattlewithus.ning.com/
You can subscribe to either or both and receive updates on the blogs and notices of upcoming events as well as what is going on around us or behind closed doors as is often the case.

Since my first tea party in Plymouth, MI on April 15th I have attended many more tea parties, rallies, protests, roundtables, teleconferences, webinars and meetings. I know we can make a difference and that politics as usual does not have to be the case. Just look at the healthcare and cap & trade bills. If we had not stood up those would be signed by now and we would be wondering what hit us. It will take persistence, level heads, and most importantly an educated citizenship. Do not be afraid to stand up to those who have no regard for the American way of life and our Constitutional rights. Do not be afraid to speak loudly, no whispering needed. Our ancestors died for those rights and our countrymen and women are still dying for those rights. Please don't let it be in vein! And do not let America, the Republic become America, the Socialist.

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Ghandi

Liberty (when government is afraid of the people) Tyranny (when the people are afraid of the government)

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