Protest at Channel 7 - and I'm still protesting!

Hey guys,

Just a quick report on the Channel 7 protest rally. We had between 80 - 100 of our group show up - which was great! I was surprised at the number of thumbs up (yes, it was thumbs - not fingers) and car honks we received. Goes to show there are many who feel the same we do about the inaccurate and selective reporting by our media.

And again to add to our feelings about "Unfair and Unbalanced" reporting, I hear this morning ACORN is going to sue FOX News over their coverage of the "Pimp and Prostitute" movie. Why just FOX? Well, that would be because they seem to be the only network thinking this story has some real merit.

Pathetic isn't it? What is really pathetic is that ACORN seems to want to keep this whole fiasco alive rather than hoping it will disappear with everything else that is going on.

Back to "Unfair and Unbalanced" reporting - let's address the article written that "thousands" marched on Washington D.C. yeseterday. Thousands? We've drawn "thousand" at our local Tea Party Rallies! I guess we'll have to get the real story and numbers from our people that were there.

Really folks, the papers and many news channels just are not reporting the truth. And I know, and you know, and now they know WE know they are not reporting the truth (just kidding with that line).

When reporters go to events that have thousands of Americans in attendance and go back and give the numbers as hundreds - I'm going the Joe Wilson route "You lie!"

It's not worth my money to buy a paper or my time to watch even our local channels anymore. My time will be spent on Tea Party business and my money? Well, I think I might just make a nice contribution to Joe Wilson's campaign.

Thanks for all of you that showed up yesterday, hope to see you on Monday night (PRECINCT DELEGATE INFO) and God Bless America!

P.S. Of course Rondal took some wonderful pictures yesterday. Check them out on the bottom of the main page.

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Comment by Sharon Lollio on September 15, 2009 at 10:24pm
Cathi just sent me a site where you can contribute to his campaign. I think we should print up some of those rubber bracelets with the letters WWJWD? (What would Joe Wilson do?) We could donate some money for every one we sold.

The Liberals are really losing ground with some bad decisions as of late. They should have left the Joe Wilson thing alone after he apologized to the president. Their continued attack just makes more people want to send him money to show their support.

ACORN should have let the "Pimp and Prostitute"story go. FOX was the only one really reporting on it. Now if ACORN does sue FOX (like they are saying they will) the rest of the media will have to pick up on the story. And of course WHY they are sueing will have to come out as well. That's one way to get the video out there.
Comment by Brian & Sara Ii on September 15, 2009 at 5:24pm
Glad you had a good turnout for the protest!
I am watching the Joe Wilson "discipline" hearing...and I just donated to Joe

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