Re-Call all thoes who vote for this "Health" bill NOW

Is there a way to have all the fileings done and all the paperwork in order and the signatures collected to recall all the senators and reps. that vorte for the "health" Bill ? That it would be an automatic and decisive- "change" for the people and by the people, before the elections come around, lets not wait! Have our own "reconing " of responsibliity. The democrates are using their own version of parlimentry proceedurs to get this over is the a way for us to use that same mechinism if they do not represent the way we are telling them to?

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Comment by Jan in Westland on March 18, 2010 at 7:32am
Here is an article from the Washington Examiner,

Which links to this,

Which links to.

Website Recall Congress Now lists Michigan as a state with provisions for recall.

We would need to have help with writing the language for a recall but if nothing else,
I would like to see Stab-us-now and Levin and anyone who supports HCR bill
be faced with a petition for recall.

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