The media covered the unions' and socialists' May Day protests (May 1) and the immigrant Cinco De Mayo marches (May 5). Both of these events produced public disturbances of one sort or another that far out weighed the Tea Party events as far back as one could remember. Adding up the recognized unions, socialist groups, and immigrant groups aligned with the recent events does not produce anything near a majority. Main stream America continues to be the definitive majority.

As retrospective context, the 9/12/2009 rally in Washington DC produced huge crowds of disaffected Americans looking for a little good government, reasonable taxation with meaningful representation, and truth and fairness.

The attached pictures provide a flashback to the grass roots throngs that marched in DC during the peaceful 9/12/2009 rally. This rally occurred without union or globalist organizing. The BBC estimated that 1-2 million participated. Some news outlets reported 40,000 attended at the time.

Below is a DC Mall crowd size estimation diagram. Compare it to the 9-12 Rally pictures below and be the judge. The National Mall and Pennsylvania Avenue were pretty much packed on 9-12, suggesting crowds larger than presidential inaugurations.

At issue is who really controls the destiny of this country. Hopefully it will be the active majority.
As always, it is important to stay engaged and informed. Continue to bring folks into the fold daily if possible. Being informative and objective builds persuasiveness. Focusing more on issues and less on positions and personal opinions will make for a better case. Positions and opinions tend to divide.

Truthful and factual presentation of issues will unite people upon a common ground. Most people will make the right decision if duly informed over time. Sometimes it takes 2-3 exposures to an idea or concept before it "clicks" with an audience. Waiting for special events can be a wait too long. A sound process and effective communication is best served on an continual and frequent basis.

What can be realistically done on a regular basis (the more often the better) to increase information/education, involvement, and momentum for the Tea Party cause? The possibilities are limited only one's imagination. Some believe that "politics are local." If even partially true, a coherent strategy is to "think globally and act locally." Pursuing a national agenda or topic can be inspiring, but let's not forget to help fix Michigan along the way. Nothing beats good candidates at all levels and supporting votes. Again, what can each of us do in between that is achievable and above and beyond current efforts? Perhaps some locally organized brainstorming sessions could produce some new and innovative ideas and approaches.

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