It is time, and long overdue that the American People take back this country from the strong arm of excessively large government. The spending that has been going on in past years is far out of the norm, constitutional rights of the people in America are being trampled and changed and or dramitically reduced. Elected officials no longer represent the people they are supposed to serve. Politicians seem to have developed into a complete and utter monster all their own with extremely independent ideolgies all their own. 2nd ameendment rights are being walked on around the country. Montana and Texas should be hailed for standing up for their states rights against the Federal Government.
3 trillion defecits after 8 years cannot and should not stand. With the current Federal Budget we have been sold out to foreign countries (China, Japan, and others). The Automotive Companies in this country have been sold out to foreign entities and the American labor unions for a dime on the dollar or less. Jobs have not been created as promised, they have in fact been further reduced by Government intervention into the private sector of business. The world powers status we enjoyed will soon change to the Mid East (Dubai, Iran) and the Europen block of nations.
In my opinion, what we need a is a Woman, the right Woman in charge of this country, and ONE WITH CONSERVATIVE VALUES at that. She would be less apt to over spend, and create Generational Theft like what is happening, she would less apt to be corrupt, because Woman happen to have much higher moral standards then do men, and women are on the whole much stronger emotionally that men. Trust me when I say, you could not go wrong with the right one in place.

Everyone thought they had put the best in place, but it has become clear that that is not true, run away spending, large government programs, that no one qualifies for in the end, like always, indecisiveness on major concerning issues such as Gitmo,, Tribunals, EIT's, Terrorists, Illegal Immigration.
The previous administration was not criminal, what is happening now and since that administration is Criminal, Liars in charge of the House of Representatives (Pelosi), tax cheats leading high government authorities, such as Treasury
(Gethner), Health and Human Services (Sebelius) Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Bill Clinton and his administration who caused the housing meltdown by Clinton" orders and their ignorance and personal profiteering and corruption. The majority that is wrong with this country stems from 54 of the last 56 years of liberal domination by the House and Senate, who are bought and paid for by Unions and PAC groups and who create the laws....they are the culprits

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