Republicans who voted against the budget bill added "pork" anyway

Some Republicans who voted against the budget bill added "pork" anyway knowing the Democrats would pass it. Vote them out.! Julie

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A message to all members of Independence Caucus

Greeting I-caucus members:

In our Article II video, we showed you how Congress stuffed 9,000+ un-authorized earmarks into the 2008 budget and had Congress vote on it with less than 48 hours to review it...which meant each Congressman had only 18.8 seconds to review and approve each pork spending item.

Yesterday, 12/10/09, Congress did it again, this time stuffing 5,000 earmarks into teh 2011 budget and giving Congress less than 24 hours to review it...which comes out to only 17.2 seconds of review time for each earmark.

No Republican Incumbent voted for the budget, butu MOST of them stuffed in earmarks...knowing that the Dems would pass the budget they will now head home and trumpet how they "voted against the budget" but not how they stuffed in earmarks prior to the vote.

EXCEPT for Jason Chaffetz at least who was on Neil Cavuto's show yesterday...Jason Chaffetz, who taught I-caucus how to win elections without relying on money or begging for fair media coversage.

Take a look at Jason's 3 minute interview on Cavuto's show, where Cavuto pointed out that they verified that Chaffetz asked for no pork and was a man of his word:

THEN check out the last 45 seconds of Cavuto's show where he asks America to think about what Chaffetz is doing and what it would be like if we had 434 more Congressmen like him:

I would submit that this might be a great time to send these links along to your friends, neighbors, and associates...and let them know you joined I-caucus specifically to find, vett, endorse, and elect 434 more Congressman just like Chaffetz...and invite them to join you here to lend a hand.

I cant wait for January. We have 100's of candidates getting vetted and we'll start our election efforts in earnest all ove rthe country.

Thank you to ALL of you who have already stepped forward.

Visit Independence Caucus at:

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