Restoring Honor Rally today with Glenn Beck in DC was wonderful !

Thank God for Glenn Beck and the many many other patriots who attended the event today (August 28, 2010). It was far more wonderful and inspiring than anything you could imagine.

Were you there today at the rally or did you see it on C-SPAN? Luckily I recorded it from C-SPAN. I can make DVDs of the entire broadcast and would be happy to make one for any Rattle With Us member who requests it. That's my way of spreading the very positive attitude that was expressed at the rally. It was like nothing you've ever seen expressed. It was a Unity Rally with Red, White and Blacks showing great respect for each other. Don't beleive what the media says about it but see it for yourself.

List your e-mail address below and I'll e-mail you for your address to send it to.

Rondal Mullins

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