Say NO to vehicle registration fee increases


Please send this message to your representative(s) that taxing Michigan residents using higher vehicle registration fees to pay for repairing our roads is not going to work and that anyone who supports this legislation will see their re-election in Michigans Congress becoming a very poor chance of happening.
Honorable _____________:
If I am not mistaken, the Senate and or the House are or will be taking up the legislation for increasing revenues for road repairs.  It has been reported that increasing the costs for registration of a Michigan citizens vehicle(s) will be the means to accomplish this initative.  Please understand that using an increases in registration fees to repair roads will get every elected official primaried for replacement if this happens, including Governor Synder. 
This is a form of taxation and the citizens of Michigan will not stand for this.  Please give us your response on this issue.  We will be watching the way everyone votes and it will become public knowledge if you support and voted "YES" on this issue. (TeaParty member)
Thank you for your concerns.
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