Let us not forget that the reason Scott Brown won the senate election in Massachusetts was because of the PEOPLE. The republicans are talking of “their” victory. The republicans wanted nothing to do with the tea partiers at first. They played no hand in motivating the grassroots campaign, it was the anger of the American people fed up with Washington spending and wasting our tax dollars and destroying our freedoms.

It wasn’t just republicans; the activism was by conservatives, liberals and moderates that came together for a common cause. That cause was to slow and/or stop Washington bureaucrats from destroying our country.
Massachusetts is a democratic state with 67% of the registered voters being blue. Scott received 52% of the vote meaning that 15% of those who voted for him were democrats and independents.

Even as Scott was moving ahead in the polls, Nancy Pelosi was again working behind closed doors to find a way to pass this massive health care plan before Scott would have a chance to vote against it.
The lies coming out of Washington contributed to the tea party movement and made sure it stayed in play when Obama promised that “health care plan negotiations would be televised on CSPAN” and Nancy Promised “the most transparent administration ever”

We were let down not just by this administration but the Bush administration as well with his lies and mistruths and his spending practices. The move by the Republican Party away from its conservative roots was a mistake, we warned them but as usual they didn’t listen, as was evident by nominating McCain in last year’s election. They are listening now.

We cannot give up and let our guard down. There are far too many liberals in key positions in DC that are hell bent on destroying our constitution and our way of life. Obama’s cabinet (czars) are full of people that have never spent a day actually working for a living as the rest of us do and have no clue on how to create a private industry job or how to “stimulate’ the economy.

We need to replace these people with ones that understand what it means to ‘tighten the belt’, to eat at a fast food palace as opposed to a steak house and that government is meant to serve the people not to impede the people.

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Comment by Rondal Mullins on January 25, 2010 at 2:57pm
Thanks for that interesting post Phil. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard both Bush and McCain approving the stimulus bill. We have freedom in the United States; freedom to succeed and freedom to fail. WE SHOULD NOT HAVE THE FREEDOM TO BE BAILED OUT WITH THE TAXPAYERS MONEY IF WE'RE NOT SUCCESSFUL WITH OUR BUSINESSES AND ENDEAVORS.


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