Our Senator Colbeck wrote an article in the Detroit News. (Click here to read the article) Please send letters to the paper or post comments on the article in regards to his observations concerning eliminating the MBT. When our legislators do things we ask of them, it is important for us to support them in those endeavors. "Holding their feet to the fire" is a popular statement but encouraging and favorable comments are powerful tools to help accomplish our goals. (Send a note to Patrick as well.)

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Comment by Tom on April 3, 2011 at 9:39am

You will have the opportunity to ask Senator Colbeck yourself tomorrow, CJ.


Comment by CJ Schuman on April 3, 2011 at 9:28am
While I applaud Senator Colbeck in his co-sponsorship of SB 1 to repeal the MBT, I also wonder why it has languished in the Finance Committee since 1/19, and HB 4187 (the House version) languishes in the Tax Policy Committee - while at least 20 additional bills have been introduced to "amend" the MBT rather than "repeal" it.  Do our Senators and Representatives have a commitment to follow through and push for legislation that they campaigned on and co-sponsored?  Introducing a bill is one thing, getting it out of Committee and to the floor for an up or down vote is quite another. I would guess that many of these co-sponsors do not want to challenge Governor Snyder's plan of replacing the current MBT with a  6% Corporate tax, a plan that looks good on paper, but will not bring jobs to Michigan.  Your thoughts Tom?

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