Last week I wrote letter to our Senator Glen Anderson asking him his thoughts on the Michigan Fair Tax plan and his response was to send me a hyper link to a tax blog on the MSN money network written by Jeff Schnepper.

I commented and answered Mr. Schnepper’s questions that Mr. Anderson suggested I read and I told him that it seemed to me by reading Schnepper’s questions; he nor Schnepper were really up on the subject.

I offered to sit down with Mr. Anderson and offer my knowledge on the subject or told him I could provide someone for him to talk with that had more knowledge of plan than I have. His response was as follows:

”As I said before, we're going to have to agree to disagree. Neither you nor I are going to convince the other so continuing this discussion is pointless”

Problem is, Mr. Anderson has done little or no research of the subject, he has most likely taken the word of the Democratic Caucus as gospel as he does on most subjects or proposals that come up or those of a lobbyist. He also probably didn’t read to the bottom of the email I sent him so he would notice the invitation I offered.

Mr. Anderson works for we the people and should be open minded and able to decipher plans for their merit without influence from special interest groups and the left leaning Democratic Party.

The Fair Tax Plan would reduce prices, bring new businesses and restore old ones here in Michigan. It would take the control of tax increases out of the hands of politicians and put them back into the hands of the people. I encourage everyone to visit page and find a meeting in your area or if you have a group, they will come to you free of charge and inform your group about the plan.

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