An Urgent Message from the League of American Voters

Obama's Radical Plan Moves Forward.

Most Americans Don't Want It.

Dick Morris Has a Plan to Stop Him.

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Dear Fellow American:

Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee voted to back the "Baucus Bill" and send it to the full Senate.

This appears as a defeat for our side, but it isn't by a long shot.

In fact, we have strong reasons we still can defeat Obamacare.

First, Barack Obama and his radical friends in Congress are on the run. They know Americans are shifting away from supporting his so-called healthcare "reform" program.

This is why Obama has shifted the public discussion from healthcare to Afghanistan. He knows the more people here about this radical program, the more they oppose it!

As Dick Morris, the chief strategist for the League of American Voters, says, Obama's plan is nothing less than a slick attempt to nationalize all of America's healthcare.

Right now there are actually two committee bills for the Senate to review and three House committee bills.

This will be a long slog. Even some Democrats, like Joe Lieberman, have warned they won't vote for a radical bill.

And Republican Olympia Snowe, who voted for the Baucus bill in committee, says she may vote against the final bill.

What is causing this rollback?

One word: Seniors.

All the Democratic bills are calling for steep cuts in Medicare -- up to $500 billion.

Seniors are not stupid.

As Dick Morris notes seniors know what will happen when Obama adds 30 to 50 million new patients into the government system.

It will collapse Medicare, causing massive rationing of healthcare to people who paid taxes all their lives!

Obama and the Democrats in Congress can't afford to lose the seniors. They are a key swing group.

Dick has prepared a powerful TV ad that exposes Obama's takeover and how it harms seniors.

You can see the TV ad by Going Here Now.

Polling data shows our message is getting out there.

A recent Gallup poll shows that seniors overwhelmingly oppose Obama's plan.

For example, lower percentages of seniors expect the reform plan to benefit them personally than any other age group — and more expect their medical care to worsen than improve by a margin of 39 percent to 20 percent.

And only 34 percent of seniors think healthcare reform would improve medical care in this country.

It's no wonder that Obama's overall job approval ratings are plummeting.

Have no doubt: Democrats in Congress are running scared.

Dick Morris Issues Urgent Plea

Dick Morris, the famous Fox News analyst who Time magazine said was "the most influential private citizen in America," says our national advertising campaign is the best way to defeat Obamacare.

Dick feels so strongly that he has joined our group as chief strategist for the League of American Voters. He has developed a powerful plan to expose Obamacare in key swing states and congressional districts.

This week, thanks to your generous help, we have been rolling out our powerful TV ads across the country in key states.

As Dick notes, many of these states are very "red" states that have Democratic senators. We need to encourage citizens in these states to let their senators know that they OPPOSE Obamacare.

But we need to add more states and congressional districts to our national campaign in the next week.

We need your urgent help to do it — Go Here Now to Donate.

Remember, Congress is set to vote on Obamacare in the weeks ahead. We need to muster every vote we can.

Obama and his crew will do anything to win this.

They want to force millions of Americans on the "public option." Even the Senate Finance Committee rejected this radical part of the plan.

We need to expose the lie that "you keep your doctor."

We know that his plan allows most employers to move all their employees on to the cheaper public system — even against their will!

Do you want your healthcare run the same way government runs the U.S. Postal Service?

I doubt it.

In fact, Obama just admitted that private companies such as FedEx and UPS work fine. In fact, they are profitable and have delivery systems that are efficient.

But in the same breath, Obama revealed that the Postal Service has problems!

If the U.S. government can't oversee the Postal Service, which delivers just packages, how can it properly handle the medical care of more than 300 million Americans?

You know the answer. I know the answer. The American people know the answer.

It can't.

That's why your support of the League of American Voters is so critical.

When you support us, you become a member of our organization.

We represent millions of Americans like you who want less government, more accountability in Congress and who support our free enterprise system.

Unlike many Washington-based groups, we don't keep luxury offices and have exorbitant staffs.

The overwhelming bulk of our membership funds goes into education and awareness campaigns, just like the one we are doing with Dick Morris on opposing healthcare.

Dick Morris says, "I can’t think of a group doing better, more important work than the League of American Voters. They need and deserve your support."

Please help us today — the clock is ticking! Go Here Now to Donate.

Thank you.


Bob Adams
Executive Director

P.S. As a nonprofit organization we can accept individual and corporate donations for membership. There is no limit on how much you can donate. Your contribution can have a powerful effect. A $5,000 donation can help us saturate a major TV market for a whole weekend with ads. A $1,000 contribution helps us reach hundreds of thousands of people. A $500 donation can buy an ad on a weekend news program. We appreciate any amount you can give. Donate today — Go Here Now.

Paid for by the League of American Voters. Contributions to the League of American Voters are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from individuals and corporations are permitted by law and welcome.

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