STOP Gitmo Detainee Transfer to Michigan - Car Alarm Protest

STOP Gitmo Detainee Transfer to Michigan Petition - Car Alarm Protest

Attached is a petition to stop the transfer of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba ("Gitmo") detainees to Michigan, please get this out to all your contacts in Michigan ASAP. If these guys get here, the ACLU will get them visitation rights and then it will only be a matter of time before jihadists, already in the U.S., begin attacking Middle-schools to get the "rockstars" of terrorism released from Standish, Maximum prison.

All across Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkey jihadists have targeted schools with middle-school children because they don't have as much security as high schools and the teachers and admin are mostly women. Also, the girls are old enough to rape, but not old enough to fight back (Search for Beslan, Russia 2004 on YouTube). The jihadists are targeting children throughout the World to get the adults to stop their support for the Americans and they will target American children in the U.S. to get our citizens to support pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and to show their ability to strike us at home. These detainees must stay in Gitmo where they are out of sight and out of mind. These detainees are "enemy" combatants and the Gitmo prison exceeds the requirements of the Geneva Convention. No mis-treatment of the prisoners has occurred in Gitmo. Some mis-treatment occurred in the Abu-grave prison.

F.B.I. and Homeland Security have located many cells of terrorists in the U.S. and they know there are cells in the U.S. they have not yet located by the communications they are monitoring. Just yesterday another jihadist was captured on U.S. soil.

The town of Standish approved a resolution on Monday, as the standing-room only crowd of townspeople pleaded with their City Council to NOT SIGN the resolution. Clearly, the Standish City Council was under tremendous pressure from higher-ups in government (Governor?, Dept. of Defense? & Obama's minions?).

We have to stop this transfer or children will die! (According to Dr. Peter Leitner an expert on global terrorism and Lt. Colonel Gordon Cucullu an expert on Gitmo, who wrote "Inside Gitmo"). These two gentlemen just led townhalls in Rochester Hills and Okemos and recently testified in front of our state's Senate Judiciary Committee.

This is a bi-parisan effort. Jihadists are not going to ask children in the middle-schools which party their parents belong to before they are attacked. Moving "enemy combatants is unprecedented and just plain dangerous.

We have heard that at Noon on Friday, October 30, 2009 until 12:15 p.m. (15 minutes) all across Michigan and the U.S.A. car alarms will go off to tell our representatives and fellow citizens these "rockstars" of terrorism do not belong in Michigan or any other U.S. soil.

This is urgent...please sign the petition and forward to other Michiganders ASAP.

Also, we now have a Facebook Group called Michigan Coalition to Stop Gitmo North. Please visit our Facebook group and join.

Thank you,

Michigan Coalition to Stop GITMO North

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Comment by Jeff McQueen on October 25, 2009 at 10:27am

Here's the skinny on the Michigan prison system. Recently the methodology for classifying prisoners was changed. Magically, the Class 5 prisoners (most dangerous) became Class 4 and so on down the line, allowing the governor to release many prisoners early, which saved the state millions. Most of the early released prisoners were then picked up again for everything from murder to grand theft, assault . . . you name it and sentences are kept under 2 year, so they serve in the County jails and not the state prison system (again keeping the state costs low, while dumping the incarceration costs onto the counties). By changing the classification methodology at the state level they could double bunk very violent criminals, and maybe a few would kill eachother, again saving the State money.

According to guards this has led to more fights in the prison yards and more guards firing warning shots than ever before in a six month period. All these adjustments were made to save the state costs and to empty out Standish so the Governor could offer Standish to Obama for the Gitmo detainees, putting a huge target on the people of Michigan.

You see, there are a lot of terror cells not yet located, also new muslim jihadist converts are filing out of other prisons and young teens are being recruited for upcoming attacks. When the "rockstars" of Gitmo land in Michigan, soft targets (i.e. school children a favorite target) will be hit in an attempt to get global media attention and the "rockstars" released.

These Gitmo detainees must stay in Cuba, where they are out of sight and out of mind.

Bringing them here to Michigan will not create any sustainable jobs. In fact, guards in Standish have already received their pink slips or transfer papers. The U.S. military will send in troops to guard the Gitmo detainees in 6 month tours of duty. For security reasons the Guards will live on the new base created around the Standish prison and they will not be allowed off base for their own protection. Meaning they won't be spending money locally. The identity of the guards are kept from the detainees to protect the guards and their families. No name badges are worn.

Bringing detainees to Michigan will actually cost the Michigan tax payers millions, since we will have to foot the bill for all 200 being transported to courts outside the prison under heavy security, including snipers, fire and medical costs not paid for by the federal government. All legal hearings cannot be held on prison grounds.

If our term-limited Governor is successful in getting the Gitmo detainees to Standish, I bet my next unemployment check, she becomes the new "Green Czar" replcing Van Jones.

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