Stop Obamacare Right Now - support Scott Brown from the comfort of your home (FREE)!

Special elections are unpredictable. Normally, electing a Republican US Senator from Massachusetts would be a pipe dream but the polls show that it can be a reality if we all pull together. Brown just hit the airwaves unopposed last week and as Coakley responds, we can expect it to get tighter - that is why it is so important that you join the campaign right now.

To make calls for the Scott Brown campaign (free) from the comfort of your own home, fill out this form You will shortly receive a password to log on to the campaign phone bank. This act will turn your computer and phone into a "megaphone" for Democracy.

I have been making calls all evening and I can tell you that it feels GREAT to fight back. After a whole summer of the hard work of making signs and protesting, it is possible that what we do between now and Tuesday January 19th could be even more important!

You don't even need to leave your chair, they will call you at the number you give them and provide you with a script. In 5 calls you will be a pro. Most of us have free minutes on our cell phones on the weekend so you can even call away from home! Even if you make just a few calls, you can look back on this victory January 20th and say that you own a piece of it.


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Comment by Sharon Lollio on January 16, 2010 at 12:25am
I sent my contribution in to Browns campaign. Today was a "raging" day for me. I have just had it with all the behind the scenes, closed door, backroom wheeling and dealing, vote pay offs - whether it be buying or tax "exempting" certain people (our should I say UNIONS). These are supposed to be men and women elected to represent us - all the people - it's disgusting the "transparency" I am seeing with this administration. To send money to Scott Brown felt good. Felt great! I actually felt I had an outlet to direct my anger by hitting that "donation" button. It also is sending a message to the GOP that we will support a true conservative candidate by hard work and hard cash. I bet if the truth be told almost all of Brown's campaign was funded by the grassroot organizations.
Comment by George Roberts on January 15, 2010 at 2:37pm
After the Monday night debate, the response went from positive to ELECTRIC! The people I called wanted to have a conversation instead of rushing me off the phone like they often do to political callers. They wanted to talk about the debate, they wanted to tell me that they were bringing their husband or neighbor to the polls. They were hyped!
Comment by Sharon Lollio on January 15, 2010 at 1:25pm
Thanks for posting this George, I hope our people are doing this, Is there a way for you to put this to the top of the blog posts? I don't want this buried when this is a "MUST" do.

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