Mr. Stupek - I am not yet your constituent. However I am a home owner in your district and, upon my retirement in May 2010, I may well become your constituent. I must speak out in protest about your intention to vote "yes" on this horrendous health care bill. If you believe that a presidential "order" will eradicate their intention to allow for public funded abortion, you are very naive. What is to stop the president to issue a new order, AFTER he gets your vote, that negates his "presidential order". However, I must also state that your stand on abortion, although noble, does not represent what I deem to be a reliable measure of your "character" or your faith. The criminal machinations that have been on-going in congress since Obama has taken office, as well as the cover-ups of past criminal actions from many of our congressional representatives throughout the nation over the years, is also evidence of your "character". Your silence on the

1. back room deals between power-hungry cronies;
2. bribes, which elicit greed, sloth, and gluttony;
3. lies and deceit;
4. closed door corruption, fraud, and misrepresentation;
5. thievery of hard-earned money earned by middle America;
6. lust to pad the pockets of a few at the expense of many;
7. alliance with hypocrites, thieves, and whore-mongers;
8. aligning your principles w/your corrupt barrister brothers;
9. defiling the abilities people to achieve the American dream, which is the basic principle of our freedoms;
10. undermining of the basic principles of our God, our Country, and our Constitution;

All of these items have been part of this push for health-care reform, as well as the destruction of the financial industry, the housing industry, and our manufacturing industry. Abortion? A drop in the pan. In my eyes, any of the above would stop a truly principled representative of the people of this great United States of America to remove themselves from this debacle.

Take note: Good Americans are fully aware and concerned about the costs and the processes of health-care. However, the majority of Americans DO NOT WANT GOVERNMENT TO BE PART OF ANY REGULATION OF THEIR HEALTH-CARE. THE ABILITIES OF GOVERNMENT HAVE A VERY TRANSPARENT TRACK RECORD ON RUNNING/REGULATING ANYTHING - WHICH IS DISMAL AT BEST!!!

We will be watching! If you believe you have the "character" and "commitment" of your constituents,this is the time to show it.


Patricia M. Brown - Proud property tax-payer and soon to be resident in your district.

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