Systemic failure trickle down from the Fed on down to the local level

Systemic failure trickle down from the Fed on down to the local level

My comments to a county commissioner where I live modified for national level

Here's where I think most citizens would have a problem with and would agree if they fully understood what they don't like about tax proposals period. Raising taxes right now is for what? Let me tell you what it's for, it's to grow the public sector. I understand that there are points where that is the necessary thing to do. Right now that necessity is being overshadowed by a shrinking private sector in comparison in most parts of the nation. This is especially true in Hendersonville TN and I know it's happening in West Bend WI.

The average household’s economy is shrinking

Wallets are shrinking because not enough attention is being set on the private sector on the local landscape of life. That is where the money comes from for taxation! If the private sector is limping? I have news for you! Then so are those who want to raise your taxes in order to spend your money on public infrastructure! That's why most communities around the country really don't have any money! Talk is there but if there's no gold to back the bank that bank is empty, and you then have to start calling on a Federal government that is also broke!

Burst the bubble of an unrealistic average politicians mindset or burst the national debt

I don't hate to burst the bubble of the political hacks out to spend money communities don't have but the growing monopolies aren't helping the small business' that employ people who pay your taxes! That's why people are hot! You want a limping population to give you the blood from the turnip, but you already know that story. You just can't do it! We already pay $18 Billion a day estimated interest rate on the national debt! That was one thing that the now Mayor of my city and I didn't get along on and nor agreed on when he was running for election. You people seem to think that you are a separate entity from the Gov and that they seem to have some kind of a magic money tree you can keep drawing from.

U.N. Mandated influx of refugee resettlements disturbing the natural balances economic system

Throwing our economy into overdrive

The overwhelming growth that many communities are now experiencing and why the real estate market is in a current and dangerous bubble, is coming from a U.N. mandated influx of an unnatural growth cycle. It's knocking many communities across the country for a loop! I'm not going to just sit here and watch this happen and not make the citizens aware of what is really happening to our communities, let alone our country! A meeting was scheduled to talk about re-appraising our homes scheduled for the 15th tax day ha! Sounds like something Barry Soetoro would have pulled right? The least opposition? But had this citizen been able to make this meeting citizens would have gotten this education from me!

Sharing my thoughts with the county commissioner

So I wanted to share it anyway besides letting this county commissioner know my thoughts on this matter. He’s a pretty good guy and I won’t cut on him too much lol, and though he doesn’t stand with the lemons in the patch and didn’t support most of what the political hacks wanted? I still didn't appreciate the missing elements from a much needed conversation between the political landscape and the reality of the outside world. Despite the bold talk coming from the Trump administration the economy sucks! Point blank! As I mentioned on Twitter as I am a business owner I have connections to the financial institutions in the area that support what I’m saying. People are at alarming rates being forced to sell a fair share of their belongings and are being forced to take out over exasperate high interest rate loans just to make ends meet. Now I realize that not all of this can be blamed on President Trump, after all this is due in my city to a very poorly run city and I have been vocal in letting them know it! But I also don’t think that bringing in foreign investors is an America first agenda either! Small businesses are the private sector for the most part and I appreciate that we need the corporations as well. But we have a very out of control corporate sector due to the current administration that is having a very negative effect on the economy in many areas of our country at present.

What happened to America first?

Foreign investment isn't an America first agenda! It is in fact a globalist agenda! The feelgood words of the past are gone in the past! It's time that the citizens start getting involved and take away the blank checks that keep sinking this country and it's communities into the dirt! I also think that from my experience that the corporations are getting tax breaks that aren’t fair and that is causing an imbalance in the system as well as those same corporations are the one’s that want this over immigration to increase their profits! They plan you can bank on it to pay them lower wages which would lead us to the next plateau! If you can see the reasoning, then the question would start to come down to this wouldn’t it? What sense would what I’m saying really make? That question would assume that we were still a free people and there was still a free market wouldn’t it? The truth of the matter is the corporations don’t want to empower the people! They want to enslave us!

America as in citizens need to step up to the plate!

It's time the citizens get tough and tell those coming to our country that it's time for them to grow a pair and go home and fight to make it a better place to live! All we're doing by sinking ourselves into debt is making fat little dictators in other parts of the world fatter by allowing them to shirk the responsibility of their citizens by allowing them to dump them off in America! I'm fed up with it! I want my people to come first and they can take all that racist bs back where it came from! I'm not going to just sit here and watch this nation turn into a 3rd world country because everyone else around me can't stand up for their own country! It's always someone else's job but your own right?

People who love America can’t dispute the facts

There isn't a real patriot among anyone who will read this that can deny, nor can you dispute what I've said! For this is the fabric of the United States! If you love this country, you'll quit trusting politicians with your pocket books and our freedom and stand up and tell them that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We want our money to start fueling growth within our cities and communities for ALL people of ALL creeds not just your chosen few that will benefit YOUR AGENDA’S AND NOT THE AGENDA’S OF OUR COUNTRY AS IT WAS FOUNDED! Or you need to step down from your positions so we can grow the private sector! The public sector doesn't need advancement at this time! Those wallets you want to tap out to grow that public sector need the growth! This is true for both the Federal and local governments!

Get involved at the local level!

I encourage all to go and see what is going on at your local city hall and participate! If you get fed up with it like I did and you can’t stomach what’s going down there? Take a pause and regroup! Get people together of like minded nature and start to form groups and get people from all niche`s that you can formulate plans of action against the anti American agenda 21 movement sweeping across the nation at present. President Trump can’t make changes to your local, only you can! That is why you need to get involved! Because this is where the enemy is now attacking us and where they are now currently operating!

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