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Parties, Pundits, and Pollsters need to understand the tea party movement.

The tea party movement is probably the most important political development of our lifetimes. It has shaken government to its foundations and has created a political momentum that will likely oust the extreme far left and those who failed to oppose such politicians, from office.

The tea party genesis was. a rising tide of outrage against extremist government and the politicians who normal Americans see as being responsible. Tea parties had no formal organization – they were spontaneous – and that is the source of their greatest power…it represents an honest, spontaneous, political reaction to a government many Americans see as being out of control – on lack of fiscal responsibility, and on a cluster of issues from illegal immigration, through law and order, and ending up with an unabashed conspiracy by Democrats to take over the health care system and send it on its way to being evolved into a form of socialized medicine.

Many Americans are also upset (outraged is a better term) by what they see as a diminished approach to national security. Beginning with Obama’s rash order for closing Gitmo, and Justice Department irresponsibility in handling the Christmas underwear bomber.

In short, American voters are “mad as Hell and they aren’t going to take it anymore”.

Republicans are the obvious beneficiaries of the movement, but not because the movement is willing to specifically embrace that party, its simply because Republicans are the only responsible alternative. This is, after all, a two party system – as in two and only two. For better or for worse, it will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Anyone taking for granted any suggestion the tea party movement will blindly follow Republicans, fails to grasp political reality.

For the record, any third party efforts will predictably lead to outcomes other than what the tea party participants seek – the election or re-election of liberal Democrats.

As could have been predicted, a number of organizations have arisen claiming to encompass the tea party movement. Now, as could also have been predicted, these groups are quibbling among themselves producing the sort of dumb accusations common among groups whose turf is being violated.

No one speaks for the tea party movement, nor should any viable political aspirant suggest he or she does.

The way it works is simple. (Candidates should take notes) It begins with candidates committed to standing for something. Basic stuff. Those candidates who can convince normal Americans that they understand such facts as that ALL federal funds are taxpayer dollars entrusted to their care, and that we, primarily, want nothing more from government than protection of our shores and borders, and to then be left alone by government to pursue whatever vision or dream we hold dear. There are, of course necessary modifications and amendments to such a concept, but it makes the basic point.

Supposedly, the inventory of voter expectations is embodied in the US Constitution and its amendments. Liberals sniff at such ideas, and they certainly don’t teach such things in the public schools system taken over by liberals back in the LBJ and Carter days.

Of course, there are the left wing outriders. The ACLU heads that list for most Americans.

The tea party movement doesn’t need formal organization. That’s the genius of the idea. Spontaneous activism is a mighty force and draws its strength from being spontaneous.

There will be candidates this year and in the future, who will honestly share the hopes, aspirations, and principles reflected by most tea party participants. Anyone claiming to be a spokesman for such groups is a fraud and should be identified as such.

“Freedom” is a fragile thing, and it is at the base of this entire movement. No grand plan. No convention with exhortations. No officers or leaders. In this case, candidates who embrace the outrage, share the commitment, and honestly support the principles of the group, will gain their support. Not because there was a vote to endorse this candidate or that, but because of a spontaneous recognition of the difference – the real difference – between candidates. There is much in this movement that is fueled by resentment and anger. Nothing wrong with that. Those politicians who failed to respond in the past, can anticipate tea party opposition in the future.

This is why Republicans won elections in Virginia, New Jersey, and in Massachusetts. It’s why the GOP will likely retake the House and Senate this fall. No one led the tea party movement in backing this year’s winners – they were elected because normal voters rejected the extremism of the Democrat party.

Voter anger against the far left remains. Politicians who don’t understand the real nature of the tea parties and who fail to heed their message, will not likely be taking oaths of office a year from now.


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Comment by patriotm1 on February 10, 2010 at 12:35am
Give people good information and the truth and they will generally make the right call.
An immediate challenge is turning back the historic levels of propaganda pervading the country. So many folks are unaware that it's frightening.

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