The Democratic Party has enslaved African Americans


Sheriff David Clark explains how and why the Democratic Party has enslaved African Americans:

“Several decades; three, four five decades of progressively Democrat rule that has created the expansion of the welfare class, the expansion of the state of dependency.  WE lead in these economic indicators; we lead in poverty rates; six poorest city in America; school failure Milwaukee Public Schools K-12 one of the worst performing in terms of Math and Reading scores, graduation rates, attendance rates.  Black male unemployment in the city of Milwaukee 32%; 70% of kids born out of wedlock, you have questionable life style choices and those are self-inflicted pathologies.  Those are encouraged by the welfare state.  This thing was created when I grew up in this city, it was never like this.  This was always a working class, blue collar middle class.  The middle class has fled and now what you have is a government caused crisis.”

“Well you know that as well as I do is that progressive, urban, Democrat policies create an underclassThey create by design; this is by design ultimately for political power.  In other words creating dependency and failure so they need to elect, they get the power by creating dependency so people keep them in power.  It helps them maintain power.  This is cruel.  The black community has been exploited ever since Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty”.  They marginalize the black man, remove; told him he was expendable, said Uncle Sam was going to be the Dad, Uncle Sam is going to raise the kids.  Uncle Sam is a horrible Father!  And, we are seeing the results of that.  We know that young men in the black community growing up without a father to shape their behavior, more times than not, not always, grows up to be an unmanageable misfit that the police have to deal with in an aggressive fashion  like we saw Saturday night.”

“You know what the only remnant of oppression for black people is left in America?; the Democratic Party!”

There is a way out of this.  We are going to have to push back against……against these destructive progressive policies that have hit the black community like a nuclear blast!”

Why do 90% blacks vote Democratic?


“over time this community, the black community, my community, is going to open their eyes and when they do, I’ll tell you what, they are not going to  like what they see!”

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