The Federal Reserve's Money Scam Explained

1). The Markets have already crashed! We’re past the 1929 crash, but it’s not so obvious because they pumped the markets full of fake money. The system is based on a farce, a lie, and deception of minds.

2). In the Coinage Act of 1792, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson helped created the standard and stable function of money. They attached the definition of the dollar to the solid principles of mathematics measured in silver.

The dollar was defined as: 371.25 grains of Silver, nothing more, nothing less. Then to solidify this against the gold they created a mint silver to gold ratio of 15:1. All this was done to keep our financial system stable, dependable, and honest.

So what happened to our real money? We accept paper dollars now?? Well we wouldn’t take a wooden nickel!, so why in the world did we accept paper dollars?

3). When the system crashes though death of dollar, possibly sometime in 2010, the silver to gold ratio may go back to 15:1, as opposed to 65:1 as it is now. So whoever was smart enough to buy silver may reap as much as $600/ounce. Whereas those who bought gold may loose their money, as Gold will go back to it’s true (face) value of $20/ounce, and silver to $1/ounce. So if you spend $1000 on gold you’re left with $20 worth of Gold and if you spent $1000 on silver you’re left with about $62 dollars in silver. has some interesting silver stuff

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