The Health Care bill fight is not over! Fight it out until the end!

This isn’t over yet. I just posted this on a National site and it would take a National coordinated effort of the Tea Party. But we can do our part and we don't have to wait for others.

1. The Senate and the House will adjourn until January. We need to get to each of the Senators and Congressmen in a big way over their holidays and let them know how angry/frustrated/PO’d we really are. Perhaps it is time for some folks to chain themselves in buildings. Now is the time to really get in their faces. Get business men and big hitters to withdraw all future contributions to those folks that voted the wrong way.

2. They will not start the reconciiation process until the 18th of January. There is a special Senate Election in Mass which should be a slam dunk for the Democratic party on the 19th of January. There is a Republican who is fairly conservative named Scott Brown that is running who has come out against the Bill. Getting him elected would stop the cloture on the reconciliation of the two bills. Getting him even close in the vote would send a huge signal to the Dems.

3. There has been one defection today of a Blue Dog Democrat to the Republicans in the House. I suggest that everyone that lives in a district that went for McCain in 2008 and has a Democratic congressman in the seat start a deliberate push on that Congressman to vote no. Again get in his wheelhouse. Now is not the time to pull punches.

4. There is a significant roadblock to the bill in the language on abortion funding - everyone needs to get to any stated pro-life democrat and get them to hold firm on the Stupak language in the house bill during the reconciliation process - accept no substitute and ensure that the congressman knows his job is on the line. It will take masses and day-to-day contact until it is over. Same is true for any Pro-Life Democratic Senators.

5. Nebraskans need to flip Ben Nelsons vote on cloture. Considering how much flack he is taking he might actually do it.

6. There needs to be a fund set up for Judicial challanges and test cases set up now. That means that someone with legal experience/expertise needs to identify likely candidates with possible standing. As soon as the bill is passed the taxes start and the lwsuits can begin. There are several opportunities for challanges to the bill - mandated coverage and the uneven implementation on the states being the two most obvious but there are many others and we should challange them all. A legal team should be set up to review the bill and pick out all of the challangable areas of the bill.

7. There needs to be a concerted effort to disect the bill and advertise all of the underlying bits of information to the American public to assist in the above activities. This might cost some money to get informationout there.

8. Should all of those activities fail - massive non-violent civil disobedience might be the next step. Perhaps a National Strike. See

Remember it only takes one Democratic Senator being flipped or unavailable for the cloture vote for the reconciliation cloture vote to fail.

It would take a flip of twenty or so congressmen (40 Democrats voting against to make sure) in the house.

Everyone needs to intensify their efforts at communicating to their Reps and educating our neighbors. Hold town halls even without your reps - invite them and if they don’t show use the press to embaress them. Use the power of the web to send out videos. Make your own advertisements directly to your reps - have several people talk directly to the camera and address the reps by name for 1 minute each. Post them on youtube and send the links to the reps and to everyone you can think of. Make your pleas as passionate as possible and use specifics on how disgusted you are.

All of this is a long shot - but it can be done. It all may come up short but it at least sets up the major issue of the 2010 elections. Even when it is passed you must keep the pressure up until Nov. 3. If you do all of that - there will be a massive change in Washington and we can at least defund the beuracracy until we can get the votes together to overturn the damage. Now is not the time to give up - now is the time to double or triple your efforts. Freedom isn’t free.

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