The Left continues to LIE about the TEA Party and Michigan Politics

What you are about to read requires some setup. What follows is a response to some Libtards continuing to deny, dodge, deflect, distort, and outright lie about what is reality that was/is part of a Conversation from another website (which you can review at: I thought it important to share with you. Knowing this, it should make enough sense without having to rewrite the whole thing....


Dear readers... please review all the comments. If you do you will clearly see who is being honest and who is engaging in Alinsky style tactics to deny, dodge, deflect, distort, and outright lie, about what is reality. You will see those who have no idea about what "United We Stand" [fore-runner to TEA Party groups of today, and both being official manifestations of Goldwater and/or Reagan era movements that never officially formed into groups) movement(s) were/are and that they are (have to) continue to lie about what TEA Party groups of today are all about. (in part, see: and )]  You will also see, Michigan specific, references and distortions of what's known as The Lost Decade. Folks that pay attention know that Michigan's Lost Decade was caused by Granholm and Democrat control of Michigan. While most States grew while GWBush was President, Michigan's Economy was driven into the ground by Granholm, Schauer, and their ilk. Don't take my word for it. Most people know first hand (friends, family, neighbors) that were driven from the State to seek employment elsewhere. Many of those folks went to nearby Right To Work States of Indiana and Wisconsin. People, and businesses, are once again moving into Michigan under Governor Snyder. You will also see who is honest in that I/we are willing to be, at times, critical of Snyder and/or GOP (see:, while others are just apologists for any/all DUMBoKKKrats no matter what they may or may not do! They have NO Principles (or morals). They must lie in order to fool you into supporting their Candidates. No amount of their (or Schauer's) lies will change that State Funding of Education is UP (not down) in Michigan (despite Granholm's last 3 years declining State funding of Education, hidden by Federal Stimulus funds they used to hide the shortfalls - and despite the 100's of Millions of extra funding into Michigan they refused to Balance Michigan's Budget), the Pension Tax is a Tax on HIGH level (usually Government Union Workers') Pension (NOT all Seniors) which you should examine your last year's Tax return to see that's true, and that Michigan's population dropped during the Granholm/Schauer tenure -- all these are VERIFIABLE FACTS. Do your own homework! They have to lie in order to fool people into voting for them just as they are distorting (read: lying about) the Hobby Lobby ruling now (see:! Governor Snyder, in my opinion, may not be the best the GOP/Republicans have to offer, but.... Snyder (on his worst day, and there will still be plenty of days that we disagree with and will OPPOSE - which sets us apart from the DUMBocrat/lockstep Party) is leaps and bounds above Granholm/Schauer (on their best days) and Michigan is CLOSE to being back on the Right Track!!

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