The New Democrats, want a new governmental system.

And "they" will not have an honest debate (or any debate at all)
about whether The American people want the same thing.
( a new "system" / new governmental structure) ie. Communism,

(which is interesting in it's self) the two different groups that are
bucking for more money, power and payback or if you prefer
retribution. - ie. Rich whites and Marxist blacks that are not
of any kind of Amercian thinking.

that's the main problem here, they just want to do what they
want to do -- and the Hell, with what anyone else wants.

The American people know that "they" just want to amass / have
all the money and power.

POWER = Control over every American citizen.

Control folks, --- real Control over your life.
The likes that you have never seen / felt or experienced before.

"We" understand the lost of our freedoms

Just my thoughts for today -- folks

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