I would really like to find out what conservatives think about obama's leadership.  To put it blountly, is he in reality, inexperienced and unable to make sound decisions in setting a proper course for the US?  Or maybe he's not the intellectual giant that some have made him out to be.  Or might he have an agenda that he will not deviate from?  Is his arrogance something he was born with or did it come about because he could convince naive and gullible voters to trust him?  These are only a few things I am curious to find out.  I'll give you a short summary of what I believe about him.  In my opinion, he could care less about the US and it's people.  I believe he is obsessed with the notion that our moral, ethical and financial way of life needs to be changed to reflect his distorted view of of what our country should be.  It is very apparent that he wants to reduce the influence of religion in the way we live.  He governs throught deceit, bribery, retribution and excutive order.  He reminds me of why the protestors left England during the reign of King George the third.  The Declaration of Independence is a link between the past and the present, a warning that history could repeat it's self. I believe it is repeating it's self and with very tragic consequences.  There should be a real fear of the unthinkable happening.  It need not happen if the GOP, Tea Party, conservatives and other concerned citizens fully understand the need to work with each to defeat a bankrupt administration. If we get our thoughts on how to WIN in 2014 to the decision makers and they listen, we can begin to reverse the course our great country is on

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