This is the real "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." The complete list of the candidates who are running in this state.

Hey Rattlers,

Trying to find out who is and who is not running for office? This election surely is not for the faint of heart. Just tonight I heard about someone who has withdrawn from his bid for a new and higher office.

Is this our year? It could be, but real conservative candidates need your help now - not just after August.

It's not ALL about money (though I keep hearing from the GOP it is) - it's about name recognition and word of mouth.

I know times are tough financially. But just think if 500 of us gave $10 to help in the campaign of someone we believed in. But if you can't do that, guess what? It doesn't cost a dime to help pass out literature and make some phone calls.

Let me use Patrick Colbeck as an example. He is one of us. He knows what it is to have to worry about paying bills, trying to find work, being sick of career politicians who have no idea what the common man is going through.

Patrick had been toying with the idea of running and the night he caught a state rep in an "out and out" lie on how he voted on an issue, decided that was it. And Marco, Tony and I were there the night it happened.

We need honest guys like Patrick representing us because he is one of "We the People."

Here is the link for the candidates running - find your district and check these guys/gals out. Some of these offices have two to four people running for them.

You like someone - now's the time to help them get to the top of the list, the front of the pack, be the pick of the litter - just kidding on that one.

But I'm not kidding when I say to you Tea Partiers, it's great to read our signs and voice our concerns at town halls, rallies and street corners, but the real message, the real difference, will come when we put like minded men and women into office!

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