Hey Rattlers,

Just wanted to thank everyone who came out to join us today in Kellogg Park. What a beautiful day for a rally.

I know the sound of the construction going on around the park made it hard for some to hear - but gotta appreciate those "shovel ready" jobs.

Loved Jim's presentation on "Socialism", Patrick's "get involved" speech and wasn't Rev. Yuille awesome!

Great music, great speeches, great signs, and most of all great people.

Quick note - we have been working to help with a new TEA Party out in Brighton - we heard they had around 1,000 people at their first event!

People are not just waking up - they are getting involved! And we must all do our part in working to bring the kind of change WE want in November.

Thanks you guys for being so supportive of Rattle With Us. Your commitment to the group is one we appreciate more than you know.

I've talked other organizers and I know that we have something special with our members.

I had one lady tell me she's actually having fun while trying to "save" our country.

I know exactly what she means - I have made some new and wonderful friends since deciding to take an active role in the TEA Parties.

Just wanted to say thanks for spending the day with us. And don't forget about our montly meeting with Mike Bouchard in May.

Rattle with us!

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Comment by Sharon Lollio on April 16, 2010 at 8:39am
Hey, I heard you were one of the wakie-talkie security people at the Haggerty Road rally.

You go, girl!

Haven't heard from one organizer yet that said they had any real problems. I think the media and the "crashers" must have found some other venue to hang out at together.

Thanks Jan for being such a big part and support of RWU.
Comment by Jan in Westland on April 16, 2010 at 8:24am
I am with the "one lady" you write about. Every meeting, rally and protest, I meet some of the nicest people.

Each of us has educated ourselves, became active in whatever way we can. We have spread the word, learned to discuss issues with those with opposing view points. (I believe we have used each other to practice our delivery of the message.)

Thank you to those who had the inspiration to start RWU and to continue to work for our country and this
group of Patriots.

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