"The Real One Nation Under God" movement - taking on the (Hollywood Hate-fest) Left

Joe, the Producer of "The Real One Nation Under God," has taken up the call of needing to challenge the Left by whatever means we can. He attempts to take on the Left via their, here-to-fore almost exclusive, vehicles of Film. So this relates to the Tea Party (same messaging) in that sense...


I sincerely hope you'll take a few moments to indulge me and read through this... 

In a World...
No... Wait.... You've got to read this first part in your best impersonation of that Movie preview Narration guy... You know... The one with the deep voice... continue...
"In a World where Hollywood Leftist elitists keep feeding you the same steady diet of anti-American, anti-Conservative, Indoctri-Movies...   One movie dares to break the mold and tell the truth... The story of Real America and of real American Patriots..."
Obviously I was being a little tongue-in-cheek there, but seriously I hope you'll keep reading....

"The Real One Nation Under God"
it's "Uniquely American!" "A Challenge to 'Pathetical Corruptness!'" and "A must see for Patriots!"
Joseph (JLenardDetroit) Lenard
Tea Party Member and
and "Separation FROM Church TO State" (http://rattlewithus.ning.com/profiles/blogs/lib-religion/)

Our fellow Patriot started this Production to work around the usual Hollywood garbage machine to create a "uniquely American" film of Patriotic (and in line with Tea Party) values. This film dares to challenge Hollywood's Film-Indoctrination and the "Pathetical Corruptness" (what I call "Political Correctness") of/by the Left. "The Real One Nation Under God" takes on the Liberals' name calling (Race-baiting, Sexism, Class Warfare, etc) tactics as a way to keep good people silent while they distort American history, our Nation's founding principles and values, and "American Exceptional-ism."
Remember: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

I had the great honor and privilege to meet some the wonderful Youth cast-members and discuss with them the film, its intent/purpose, and opportunity it provides for a "well rounded" entertainment option for the entire family. On the verge of losing all that is quintessential American, they are the seminal generation. These fine young adults, and future of our Nation, have a firm grasp on what is happening to the United States and take very seriously their moment; through this art and at this pivotal time; to reach their peers and to educate in a entertaining setting.
This is a project that I am proud to associate with. I have "Joined the Movement" and pre-purchased my ticket. I sincerely hope you will consider, at least, becoming "A Committed Audience Member;" (no current cost/purchase) as well as sharing the movement with your Tea Party Group's members, friends, family, neighbors, etc.

I hope you will give a heart-felt look at "The Real One Nation Under God" Production information below or, if you're really anxious to take a detailed look, visit the web-site: http://www.therealonenationundergod.com.
sincerely, your friend in the Patriot movement,
Joseph (JLenardDetroit) Lenard

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"The Real One Nation Under God" Not Just a Movie - A Movement!

Autumn 2012
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Below is a link to the trailer for "The Real One Nation Under God."  Your internet browser and Flash Player  (get.adobe.com/flashplayer/) must be updated for optimal viewing.  Updating these items will only make everything you view online better.  Safari is the best browser for viewing.

"The Real One Nation Under God" is the first charitable movie on record with half of net profits going to feeding the poor, the developmentally disabled,  orphans, and the innocent / unborn who have no means of protecting themselves.  There are no apologies in putting this up front because although the movie is qualitatively,  life-changing and life-saving for what lies ahead in America and the world, the money we raise for charities such as Servants of Charity, Food For The Poor, Mission of Mercy, Pregnancy Helpline, St. Francis DeSales Children's Home, and others, is life-saving TODAY.

That said, we are asking - PLEASE SEND THIS INVITATION TO YOUR EMAIL LIST, and tell them to send it to their's etc, etc..  It's simple - when you help us get the word out you are helping those whom God tells us to help. We are asking that you would do one of two things when you enter the website:

1. Purchase a Movie Ticket, which makes you a member, thus gives you access to our Resource Center, providing a life-long education, and supports life-saving charities. Click Here - enter Registration, register and click next to '1 Movie Ticket / Member / Donor'.

2.  At Least become a Committed Audience Member  - Free  of charge - requires simple registration.  Click Here - enter Registration and click next to 'Committed Audience Member'.

The Link to the website to view the trailer:

Join The Movement!
Get Tickets!
Become A Committed Audience Member!

Thanks for your support!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!



The Real One Nation Under God
Our Father's Productions
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Comment by Joe Baublis on January 2, 2012 at 9:49pm

Hi Joe,

Interesting movie plot.  I think the youtube trailer has potential.  The producer has talent that I admire. I was pleased that the producer kept the trailer to such a short length.  I also liked the transitions, and the voice over.   I'm somewhat concerned about the negative vibes that I'm sensing.   For example, destroying the tv, and the physical confrontation in the classroom were disturbing scenes - those scenes portray anger and hatred and violence.  Mixing those harsh scenes with the peaceful tranquility scenes of the Jesus is a turn-off.  I think I can understand where the producer is coming from, but that mixture is inflammatory and divisive.  I doubt that many independent or liberally minded people will appreciate it - so what's the point?  My own goal is to provide independents and liberals with a gentle and well-reasoned approach to Tea Party issues.   

Anyway.  I would encourage the producers to continue, however, I would limit the negative stuff.

Comment by Joe Baublis on January 2, 2012 at 8:58pm

Wowza!  That's a bit complex for my cranial systems.  You can visit a comparable Tea Party movie at the following link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux5vCrUSrZk

I made a youtube movie for another group that rallied against tax rate increases:


Feel free to post these links on your website.

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