#President #Trump's 2nd Address on #BorderCrisis....

Great #TrumpSpeech from #POTUS45 on the #BorderCrisis and REASONABLE COMPROMISE that, of course, #OBSTRUCTIONIST #DEMOCRATS will continue to reject any/all #outreach or compromise/DEAL!

Frankly, we need this issue and the #GovernmentShutdown to continue thru the #SOTU address (yes, and come HELL OR HIGH WATER, he needs to give a spoken address to the Nation, and hopefully #NancyPelosi dis-invites him from doing it in #USHouse and he does it from the #USSenate or #WHPressRoom to continue to show #Democrat #obstructionism and lack of cooperation) as the controversy will hopefully bring more eye-balls and ear-holes to the #TrumpAddress (SOTU) where #Trump can again lay out how he/we are willing to BE #BIPARTISAN while the #Democrats are #HyperPartisan and lay out his/our REASONABLE COMPROMISE! This may be the most important #SOTU in Decades!

Don't miss the Fun: Wayne 11th Republican Committee is having a #SOTU watch party - only $20 (find it by searching: "Wayne-11 State of the Union" on Facebook or Eventbrite).

As for this dragging out for some time to come giving Trump an upper hand at/with the #SOTU.... I don't think we have to worry, the #DUMBocrats are too stupid to see they are playing into our hands and will continue to obstruct and Trump will look more and more STATELY (who would think we could/would EVER be able to use that kinda comment/statement about Trump with his #TwitterTantrums lol)!!!


Again, and expounding.... Another VERY GOOD speech (and, NO, they have not all been good speeches) from #PresidentTrump! Nothing extemporaneous, no (#TrumpRally) hyperbole, reasonable plan (which, again, most Democrats already said they supported previously), that was clearly, and carefully, put together by a great/crack Speechwriter Team and well delivered!

Related: Trump's Oval Office Address regarding Border Crisis: https://beforeitsnews.com/v3/immigration/2019/2459396.html

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